Who likes going to the dentist?

Nobody! The unusual environment, the machinery, the smell, the noises, a glimpse of a syringe… All of these factors can affect sensitive people and can be particularly disturbing for children. It could be that bad past experiences have left their mark, or the fear of not knowing what will happen.Normal anxiety may escalate to panic. Detailed information through discussion with us beforehand will put your fears to rest. Due to modern pain free ( or pain minimising ) treatments, our patients overcome their fear and leave our practice with a smile. Having worked with a Frankfurt kindergarten for sixteen years, we are experts in looking after our young patients’ special needs and understanding and dealing with their anxieties.

Trust yourself!
The best way to overcome your fear is to have regular check-ups. Check-ups are not painful. The earlier we uncover a problem, the easier it is to deal with it. By doing so we build a mutual trust and  prejudices and fears disappear. To begin with, we explain what needs to be done, what measures must be taken and how much time each visit will take if the treatment has to be split into several sessions.