Crowns and Implants – Otherwise known as the third teeth.

If one of your teeth is so badly damaged that a filling is no longer possible, a lab-produced, made-to-measure crown is the answer. Missing teeth need to be replaced, not only due to aesthetic considerations, but also for functional reasons, for example, to avoid pressure on other teeth which could lead to additional losses. The most comfortable solution is the tooth implant.

Nowadays your health insurance provider will contribute towards the cost of implants. An individual plan, taking budget into account, can be discussed beforehand.

Made in Germany.

All our dentures are manufactured especially for you in Germany by our trusted dental technicians with whom we have worked for years. If required, the dental technician will come to the patient in the surgery to ensure a perfect fit.

Herausnehmbarer Zahnersatz


Almost as good as your own.

Fixed dentures look identical to real teeth. A dental bridge may fill the gap between two teeth.

Brücken: Der Zahnersatz für dazwischen

If the gap is larger, and more teeth are missing, the traditional removable denture offers a cost effective solution. Also, a mix between fixed and removable dentures, known as a telescopic denture, may be the solution.

However the most comfortable way to substitute missing teeth is with implants. The best possible solution for you will be decided in a personal consultation.

Implantat: Der Zahnersatz bei fehlender oder kranker Zahnwurzel